NULL, the band’s 8th aural abrasion, may be the group’s quintessential statement of mental collapse and despair made sonic, a direct psychological reaction to the collective experience of the last two and a half years. Drawing from not only the desperate noise and industrial sonics of the 80’s and 90’s ala Swans, Einsturzende Neubauten, or even a Nine Inch Nails, the band has mixed in a decidedly more desperate tone to their already pointed metallic hardcore influenced “extreme noise rock” (see Melvins, Today Is The Day meets Converge and Botch), that has become their signature.

    "NULL is KEN mode at their peak as composers, especially in the memorably lyric department, navigating these songs with old-hand know-how. What blows me away is that it somehow retains that young-band spark. To be continually doing this style this convincingly this far into a career is really something. To not burn out, but burn brighter? I don’t know how KEN mode do it. I respect the tactics, though." - Ian Chainey/Stereogum

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    VOID, the companion piece to NULL LP, has a decidedly more melancholy and disappointed aesthetic than its predecessor. Featuring 8 additional tracks recorded and produced throughout the fall and winter of 2021 by Andrew Schneider, mastered by Carl Saff, with artwork and layouts by the band's longtime collaborator Randy Ortiz.

    Released Sept 22, 2023, exactly one year after NULL. Shane Mehling of Decibel Magazine describes it as "It's like the first record is you fighting, and this one is you losing".

    While Nick Ruskell of Kerrang added:
    "Taken individually, both NULL and VOID are brilliant albums from a collective who understand music’s role as a vessel for emotional articulacy. Put them together, and they are creatively anything but their combined title, while also somehow perfectly expressing a feeling of being both. The full thing is a hell of a trip, where you’ll definitely feel a sense of catharsis, but not necessarily much better. A perfect pairing from a genuinely unique band."

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